0050 Elderberry, Vitamin C Zinc


Happy, Healthy Families!

Welcome to an exciting new way of getting an quality bioavailable supplement made with organic ingredients.  This is a better alternative to gummy vitamins or hard to swallow tablets. Gummy vitamins, like gummy candy, can stick to the teeth which promotes tooth decay. Nelly delivers a 3-way formula that provides crucial vitamins, minerals and a powerful fruit that support a healthy immune system in Men, Women and Children.
• 1 FL OZ (30ML) 30 servings per container
• Flavor: Blueberry & Raspberry
• Elderberry, Vitamin C & Zinc

Elderberry has a long history as a natural way of staying healthy. Ancient Egyptians and Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek father of medicine, used Elderberry because of its wide array of healing properties. Numerous studies reveal Elderberry’s immune-supporting capabilities. Elderberry contains powerful antioxidants (anthocyanins) which give Elderberry its dark, rich, purple color and work to boost the immune system.